Beyond BREXIT – Let’s Influence Change!

  • How to choose the right times for your social media posts?
  • How can you think like a journalist – where clicks and not content are king?
  • How to utilise Influencers in your campaign?

This is our final workshop and precedes our finale, crowd-designed festival for sustainable development on August 25.

Whether you are participating in our Festival, or if you are just interested in communicating for a cause – this session offers over 17 years of communications advice sharing insight into traditional, digital and influencer led communications.

Developed for: social businesses, NGOs, public servants, CSR managers and concerned citizens.

Is there still a place for ‘earned’ media – or free publicity – in your communications strategy? As the lines of paid and unpaid communications blur, we share some top tips on digital journalism, influencer engagement and digital marketing to help you maximise the buzz from your campaign.

TheSustainable Development Goalsused a variety of tactics and channels during the launch campaign – and continue to rely upon the support of Influencers and social media to get the message across.

In this workshop, which can be attended as a stand-alone even if you have missed the previous sessions – you will receive our ultimate social scheduler tool, learn about digital press relations and how to manage influencers. We’ll also touch on social marketing using popular platforms.

Join us if you you want to play an active and sincere role in charting our nation’s course past BREXIT and into a prosperous and sustainable future.


* Introduction to our Ultimate Social Scheduler tool and how to choose the right times for your posts

* How to think like a digital journalist – where clicks and not content are king

* Understand the changes in digital marketing and the importance of Influencers in your campaign

* Prepare to succeed with our SDG Festival (Aug 25)

The Proactivists

The Proactivists is a voluntary project developed by socially concerned citizens living in Dubai. It has been established to promote the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and in particular to address the UN’s advocacy targets of recruiting over 700,000 advocates before the end of 2017. Powered by the Impact Hub network, The Proactivists have so far conducted workshops and programs in Amsterdam, Budapest, Dubai, Geneva, London and Hong Kong. Over 600 delegates participated in our workshops in 2016.

About the Faciliators:

Stephen King, Founder and Lead Facilitator, The Proactivists

Stephen Kingis the founder of the Proactivists and a university lecturer at the Middlesex University Dubai. He has designed this series of workshops to inspire socially concious citizens to become effective participants in public policy debates. Over the course of the five-week program Stephen shares his 18+ years’ experience in public relations and strategic communications and his global network of contacts to empower social businesses, NGOs, public servants, CSR managers and concerned citizens to advocate for an agenda that benefits everyone, with no-one left behind.

Mia Jafari,Head of Programmes at Impact Hub Westminster

Mia Jafariis a start-up entrepreneur and designer specialising in sustainable fashion ( She is also an accomplished program designer supporting social entrepreneurs and enterprises align their business with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mia is passionate about co-creation, sustainable fashion and manufacturing, human centred design, experiential learning and developing strategic partnerships.

Have any questions/comments/feedback about the workshop? Tweet to Stephen@stevekingindxb


  • Date: Tuesday, 8th August 2017
  • Location: Impact Hub Westminster
  • Time: 18:00
  • Fee: USD 1

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