Beyond BREXIT – The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

  • What ARE the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How will they EFFECT you, your community and business?
  • What will be the IMPACT of Brexit on the Goals?

This workshop is part one of four interactive workshops and talks which concludes with a crowd-designed festival for sustainable development on August 25.

This is the foundation workshop that will provide the essential knowledge to help you play an active role in creating a world without poverty, inequality and climate change.

Who should attend?Social businesses, NGOs, public servants, CSR managers and concerned citizens.


In 2015 195 nations agreed to a new world agenda –The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These “Global Goals” were meant to chart a course towards a more sustainable, equitable and safe future – with no-one left behind.

Fast-forward two years and the world has transformed beyond expectations.

The question now is whether the work to develop these 17 Goals, 169 Targets and 230+ Indicators was robust enough to withstand the populist revolution that has struck across the world and has resulted in BREXIT.

Join us to discover the commitments the UK has made through the Global Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.Let’s explore the progress that’s been made – and also, the challenges faced by our elected officials as they battle forward faced with a world that perhaps, doesn’t want to be saved.

Key Takeaways:

* Understand what are the UN Sustainable Development Goals, their history and scope (Goals, Targets & Indicators)

* Explore related treaties and agreements e.g. the Paris Agreement

* Identify the potential impact of BREXIT on the Goals (and vice versa)

About Us:

The Proactivists

The Proactivists is a voluntary project developed by socially concerned citizens living in Dubai. It has been established to promote the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and in particular to address the UN’s advocacy targets of recruiting over 700,000 advocates before the end of 2017. Powered by theImpact Hubnetwork, The Proactivists have so far conducted workshops and programs in Impact Hub Amsterdam, Budapest, Dubai, Geneva, London and Hong Kong. Over 600 delegates participated in our workshops in 2016.

About the Faciliators:

Stephen King, Founder and Lead Facilitator, The Proactivists

Stephen Kingis the founder of the Proactivists and a university lecturer at the Middlesex University Dubai. He has designed this series of workshops to inspire socially concious citizens to become effective participants in public policy debates. Over the course of the five-week program Stephen shares his 18+ years’ experience in public relations and strategic communications and his global network of contacts to empower social businesses, NGOs, public servants, CSR managers and concerned citizens to advocate for an agenda that benefits everyone, with no-one left behind.

Have any questions/comments/feedback about the workshop? Tweet to Stephen@stevekingindxb


  • Date: Tuesday, 4th July 2017
  • Location: Impact Hub Westminster
  • Time: 18:00
  • Fee: USD 1

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